When an employee is injured on the job, it’s challenging not only for that worker, but for everyone involved. The employer will need to file the workers’ compensation claim, plus manage everything related to the injury and accident. It can be difficult, costly and time-consuming.

Workers’ Compensation Claims: The Right Provider Makes the Difference

Advantages of Urgent Care Providers

Many employers seek out an occupational medicine provider to help them navigate their workers’ compensation claims. On the surface, the decision of who to choose can seem straightforward, since most providers offer the same basic services.

However, occupational health providers can vary widely when it comes to their approach—meaning one can take actions that result in dollars lost, while another provider can save significant costs.

So how can an employer make a wise decision? The key is to look beyond basic requirements.

Urgent care providers are qualified to diagnose and deliver patient care, and are trained to do it as safely, swiftly and efficiently as possible.

  • These providers regularly perform many of the procedures that are commonly caused by workplace injuries. Examples include soft tissue injury, foreign body removal, sutures and fracture care.
  • They are accustomed to seeing high volumes of patients. This allows them to become highly-skilled at case discernment so they may be more apt to notice if a worker is exhibiting inappropriate behavior in relationship to the injury.
  • Appointments at urgent care clinics are not usually necessary, so injured employees can be seen quickly after an accident.

Questions to Ask and Consider

Below are a couple of questions to ask if you are looking for an occupational medicine program or if your current one is not meeting your needs.

  • Will the provider be able to treat work-related injuries themselves versus referring them out to specialists or the emergency room?
  • Do they have significant experience performing the procedures that typically come up at your organization (and save you time and money by taking care of procedures by themselves?)
  • Does the office understand the “ins and outs” of work comp care and billing?
  • Are they able to perform drug testing, if desired?

Urgent Care Omaha Clinics in Omaha and Bellevue, NE

Our staff works to provide prompt, personal, and professional care for all of our patients. We try to make sure everyone gets the attention they need in as quick a time as possible. Urgent Care Network of Omaha has three locations in the Omaha metropolitan area. Our three clinics are:

Our staff is here every day of the week to assist with your urgent care needs. You probably won’t need urgent care today, but when you do need medical attention, count on the Urgent Care Network of Omaha clinic near you to provide quality care and convenience.

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