It’s important to know where to go when an illness or injury occurs. We can help you better understand when to visit an urgent care vs emergency room.

While emergency rooms serve those with life threatening situations, an urgent care can treat those needing immediate, less serious care.

Difference between Urgent Care vs Emergency Room

We’ve all been there: an unforeseen fall or a persistent chest cold leaves us bewildered at where we should go for the best medical attention. Not everyone considers utilizing the local Urgent Care Center for bumps and bruises that can be assessed in a timely fashion.


  • Generally, the wait time in Urgent Care clinics is usually much shorter as one can be expected to see a provider in usually 30 minutes or less.


  • Everyone cringes when they finally take a peek at that hospital medical bill. An Urgent Care visit is typically one third the cost of an Emergency Room visit, leaving you happier and healthier at the end of your visit.


  • Making you feel good is what Urgent Care Network is about. In addition to providing high quality and cost effective medical care, we treat our patients with courteous attention and concern.

Urgent Care vs Emergency Room Symptoms

Urgent Care Services

  • Minor Illnesses
    • fever
    • coughs
    • runny nose
    • body aches
    • sore throat
    • ear ache
    • infections
    • rashes
    • minor allergic reactions
  • Minor Injuries
    • lacerations
    • sprains and strains
    • possible broken bones
    • on-the-job accidents
  • Evaluative & Preventive Medical Care
    • sports physicals
    • drug screens
    • flu shots
    • tetanus shots
    • TB testing
    • blood draws for lab tests
    • blood pressure checks

Emergency Room Services

  • Anaphylactic reactions/severe allergic reactions
  • Broken bones
  • Chest pain
  • Dehydration
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Deep wounds
  • Weakness in a leg or arm
  • Head injuries
  • Unconsciousness

So, the next time you are feeling under the weather and need to be seen by a medical professional, consider heading to your one of our three location in Omaha. It will not only save you money but it will save you valuable time that you could be using to rest and get to feeling better.

Why Urgent Care Omaha Clinics? 

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Omaha & Bellevue, NE Locations

Urgent Care Network currently has three locations in the Omaha metropolitan area. Our three clinics are:

Our staff is here every day of the week to assist with your urgent care workers compensation needs.  No one can anticipate when an urgent care will be needed, so it’s good to know where they are in your area.

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