Each year, thousands of students across the U.S. leave home and move into college dormitories or apartments. For many of these students the adjustment to this independence and being away from home for the first time can bring some challenges. For many college freshmen, moving away to school may mean taking responsibility for their own health and wellness for the first time.

Health Tips For College Freshmen


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends incoming freshmen visit their primary care physician before leaving for school to make sure they have all of their vaccines. Parents and students should ask about vaccination for meningococcal disease, HPV, pertussis and flu. Even if the teens have received these shots before, they might need a booster shot to ensure immunity against these diseases.


If your freshman is taking medication for a health condition, he or she should know basic information regarding his or her medications: medication name, daily dosage, reason for taking the medication, and possible side effects.  It is helpful for the student to carry a list of their medications and dosage as well in the event this information is needed.  An easy way for teens to have this on hand when needed is to take a picture of this list to keep on their phone.  Taking a picture of the medication bottle also works great!

The student should also know how to refill prescriptions.  If going to college includes moving farther away, it may be helpful to help the student find a pharmacy to refill prescriptions at as well!

Insurance Card

College freshman should be equipped with their insurance card and, if it applies, their prescription card. Many colleges require students to have some type of insurance and typically offer plans for those who aren’t covered. Students should know what type of insurance plan they have, particularly if plans offer limited coverage or if insurance requires the student to be seen at a particular facility for medical care.  Again, taking a picture of the student’s insurance card on a phone is a great way to know that this information is available if needed!

On Campus

Find the student health center, nearby urgent care center and nearby hospital ER

Pediatricians recommend students know where the closest medical facilities are. Some centers have set daytime hours, close on weekends or have appointments that fill up quickly. In the event the student finds it necessary to seek medical care in this situation, it is important to know where a nearby urgent care center is, as well as a hospital emergency room. Parents may want to help the student check to see which of the nearby urgent care offices are included in their insurance plans.


College is an amazing time in anyone’s life; a time to meet new people and explore creative interests. But, college freshmen who are on their own after years at home have to remember that they’re not just responsible for getting to class on time, but also for their own personal health. That means taking steps to make personal health a priority. If students want to be their best academically, they need to eat the proper diet, exercise frequently, and get plenty of sleep.  It is important to pay attention to illnesses and/or injuries that may occur and should seek out medical help accordingly.

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