August/ September can be a hectic time for families with children. Back-to-school season can turn into a flurry of activity, which for kids can mean stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition. Additionally, being back in schools with other kids can mean nasty viruses spreading from students to families. Want to keep your children healthy as they head back to class this season? Read on for our back-to-school health tips.

Back To School Health Tips Urgent Care Omaha

Sleep Schedule

Typically, in the summer children will tend to stay up much later than they do in the school year. You will have to wean your child off of this type of schedule, because they will need all of their energy to get through the long school days ahead.

All kids need proper rest each night. Each age group does have its own recommended hours of sleep per night, though. For example, toddlers and young children ages three to five should be getting 10 to 13 hours of sleep. Those ages six to 13 should aim for nine to 11 hours, and 10- to 19-year-olds need between eight and nine hours of sleep. Poor sleeping habits can cause lower grades, make kids irritable, and even contribute to illnesses.

Eat Well

Food is fuel for the body. Give your child the nutritious foods he or she needs for optimal health. Children and adults who eat balanced meals incorporated a range of fruits and vegetables often experience fewer colds and illnesses. Get ready for the onslaught of germs and bacteria at school by building up a child’s immune system with healthy foods and good eating habits. In addition, a nutritious breakfast will benefit children as they focus and perform at school.

Immunizations & Check-Ups

Before attending school, children are required to have certain vaccinations. Immunizations must be kept up-to-date, and flu vaccines are also recommended. Avoid waiting until the last minute and schedule appointments early. Annual physical exams and a vision exam may also be necessary for a child to attend school. Attending to vision issues with new prescriptions can improve a child’s performance in school and on the field. Vaccinations, physicals and vision exams are all important to starting off the school year on the right foot.


One of the number one ways to fight germs and prevent sickness this season is for everyone to practice good hygiene. As colds and flu make their way through schools this year, good hygiene gives you the ability to keep those illnesses out of your home. With everyone in the home, be sure to encourage hand-washing with soap and warm water. Keeping up this habit can even prevent the common cold, which causes 22 million lost days each school year.

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