High levels of air pollution can be one of the most-aggravating factors to bring on an asthma attack. It’s so common that Asthma.org.uk estimates as many as two-thirds of people cite pollution in the air as the foremost cause for their asthma attacks.

Of course, minimizing the amount of pollution that you are exposed to is the best way to improve the condition. Research shows that high air pollution increases the need for medical attention for asthma sufferers, especially children.

Air pollution may increase urgent care visits for asthma 

What triggers asthma?

 There are a variety of different factors that can trigger the onset of an asthma attack. These can include:

  • pollution in the air
  • exposure to allergens
  • sudden stress or shock
  • dietary choices

When exposed to high levels of air pollution, the lungs automatically react to compensate, which could lead to an asthma attack. People with chronic asthma often find that their condition worsens when they find themselves in industrial areas, enclosed places or busy cities where pollution is everywhere.

Minimizing the effect

Here are some ways to minimize the effect of pollution on your lungs if you have been diagnosed with asthma, either acute or chronic:

  • Avoid prolonged time outside on days of high air pollution.
  • Breathing exercises can help you to strengthen your lungs and even slow the onset of an asthma attack.
  • Your home environment should include a well-maintained air conditioner with regularly-changed filter to trap dust, allergens and other asthma triggers. Carpets and rugs should be avoided, as they tend to hold dust and allergens.
  • A “good-to-know” fact if you can’t get to your medication is a small amount of caffeine can help slow (or sometimes entirely stop) an asthma attack, even in children.

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